ACVS Board Certification

To achieve ACVS Board Certification, all veterinary students must first successfully graduate from veterinary school. Once that is achieved, they must complete a one-year internship prior to being accepted to a three year residency program. This residency program requires specific training and surgical instruction under the supervision of an already ACVS Board Certified Surgeon. It is also during this three-year residency that the doctor performs a vast amount of research and a multitude of diverse surgeries with an ACVS Board Certified Surgeon to continue to gain additional knowledge surgical experience. Once the candidate has completed their training and published an article in a scientific journal, they must submit a credential application. If the credentials are accepted, the doctor must then pass the rigorous ACVS certifying examination that tests all aspects of small animal surgery.

All three of our surgeons have accomplished this tedious process to become ACVS Board Certified Surgeons. This process not only elongates the educational period, but it also provides the surgeons with a hands-on experience with complex cases that they will soon face once they’re board certified.

Since patient care is our number one priority, we believe that every animal should have the opportunity to be treated by a doctor that has gone the extra mile to enhance their skills and talents. At Blackford Veterinary Surgery Referral, we supply our surgeons with state-of-the-art equipment, innovative techniques, and the latest pharmaceuticals available. This allows us to diagnose, treat, and return your pet back to how they were prior to needing our services.