About Us

Blackford Veterinary Surgery

Blackford Veterinary Surgery Referral was established in 1997, and the surgery center was renovated in 2021. We have integrated state of the art equipment and monitoring throughout the hospital to help maintain the highest level of patient care. We have created a facility with space to include additional veterinary specialty services to continue to serve our clients in the future. We have advanced methods of sterility for all our equipment, including taking it a step further with overhead UV lights to aid in killing any type of bacteria even when we aren’t in the building! We take pride in our clients, our patients, and our quality of work, and it would be our honor to be trusted with your pet’s advanced veterinary needs.

Trust the ACVS board certified veterinary surgeons at Blackford Veterinary Surgery Referral for your pet’s specialty needs. We focus on advanced surgical procedures that are not performed at your primary care veterinary facility. Examples of these surgeries include TPLOs (our preferred surgery for ACL/CCL tears), MPL correction, fracture repairs, hip dysplasia, arthroscopy, laparoscopic surgery, and a variety of soft tissue procedures. Over the years, we have developed hundreds of relationships with surrounding veterinarians to earn their trust with their patients. To be referred to our practice, please visit your primary care veterinary hospital first. If it is determined that your pet needs our services, your primary care veterinarian will send us a referral, and we will contact you to set up an appointment.